Is your dog howling too often? Here’s what you can do to help them!

Is your dog howling too often? Here’s what you can do to help them!

Dogs have their own little peeves and every pet owner who has a canine buddy at their house are able to talk about one quality, one characteristic that can make their say “my dog does this but most dogs don’t”. Dogs are truly very unique creatures, in their own way! However, there are things that every dog does but that still intrigue us, and their howling is a good example of that.

After all, why do dogs howl?

Well, it’s a very common tool coming from our four-pawed friends which allows them to communicate with one another in longer distances, but their reasons for it are not always clear. It is very common for us to think that a dog’s howl is some sort of cry of anguish for help, therefore they must be howling out of suffering or pain. Although that is partially correct, there is a very specific reason as to why your dog might be howling, which relates to its lifestyle and health: they wanna be dogs!

Dogs are beautiful creatures that love the sense of freedom and connection provided by their owners, nature and fellow canines, but sometimes they feel a bit lonely and distant from all the fun and connection to the world that they love to have. That issue is commonly referred to in the veterinarian community as Separation Anxiety.

So in order to make life easier for those beauties, here are a few things that you can do:

– Walk your dog more often

This is possibly the best way to make sure that your dog is getting the right amount of joy and attention; see the world with them! By establishing an exercise routine they will always be sure that there is enough time in their day for interacting with nature and being in touch with themselves and others. In other words, spend some quality time with them; go out there and play! But that is often not possible in a lot of occasions since us humans usually lead very busy lives! In those circumstances, you can also-

– Give him solid, responsive toys

Responsive and durable toys are a great way of making sure that the dogs are keeping themselves busy throughout the day. Make sure to download our PetsForever app with a selection of local partners that have an extensive catalogue of great toys and gadgets that your pup will certainly love!

But could those not be the causes of my dog howling so much?

Yes. If your dog has a very active social and physical life but is still howling constantly, there are some signs that you can look for to identify and remediate the problem:

– They might be responding to other sounds

Whether it is another animal or an annoying sound that is disturbing them, dogs can react to different things in their environment that they perceive as good or threatening. In those cases, however, the howling is not frequent and will cease once the sounds do. If the problem is frequent try to identify sounds that might be disturbing your pet; chances are it’s something very minimal that you wouldn’t notice on a day to day basis. If it is something trivial that cannot be changed, such as the click-clacking of a refrigerator, you can show your pet that the noise is not harmful and give them treats for staying quiet.

Regardless of the reason, howling occasionally is perfectly normal, but always make sure to keep an eye on your dog if it is happening too often. Chances are it’s an easy fix and they will be very glad that you took some time to figure out what was wrong!


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