How to make your Cockatiel happy in 5 easy steps!

How to make your Cockatiel happy in 5 easy steps!


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The newbie owners might have a certain difficulty when understanding the personality of a cockatiel. That is because cockatiels are highly playful, intelligent and active animals, who can also show very strong hints of unsatisfaction once their desires are not being tended to or when they are not getting enough attention.

Those who live with these incredible birds must know how to evaluate their feelings with great precision. If you’re thinking about acquiring a cockatiel or just got one, keep an eye on these steps on how to make your cockatiel happy and very joyful!

Before we get started: The concept of five freedoms

The care towards cockatiels must attend to their mental and physical needs, and for that, it is important to understand the concept of five freedoms. 

  • Free of hunger and thirst;
  • Free of discomfort;
  • Free of pain, sickness and injury;
  • Free to express the species’ natural behaviour;
  • Free from fear and stress.

The environmental enrichment offered by those five aspects elevates the well-being of the animal helping to keep the cockatiel happy and active. Those are technical bullet points to keep in mind which stimulate the animal to provide situations remindful of their nature.

Such activities reduce stress and prevent the occurrence of abnormal behaviour, like self-isolation and even tearing of their own feathers.  It is therefore essential to guarantee that the cockatiel living in your home feel comfortable to behave according to their species.

This means that a cockatiel singing and happy must be engaged in activities next to the ones it would do in the open air, out in nature. It’s not enough to feed them, we have to make them feel truly at home.

Here are the five best ways to keep your cockatiel happy and in an exciting environment!

1. Motivate their search for food (even if they have easy access to it)

In nature, birds spend most of the time looking for food. By motivating them, they will keep themselves active and distracted. It is important to use your creativity to enhance their options for entertainment and curiosity.

One good example is to put some seeds inside an empty roll of toilet paper, to have the cockatiel look around for it. You will find that they get very excited to find the food; it’s what they’re used to doing in nature all the time.

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2. Have a good variety of toys

A happy cockatiel is very playful and, even with the company of another bird, they should always have plenty of options to have fun and entertain. Toys made with natural materials are the most recommended. Wooden-based toys, for instance, can be ripped apart by the birds without causing any damage to them. As long as the materials are safe and non-toxic, they’ll be fine.

3. Feed them quality seeds and rations

Good-sourced seeds and rations are part of the routine of a cockatiel, as well as fruit, greens and legumes, which act as environment stimulus to enhance new flavours, textures and ways of entertainment.

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4. Spend more time with them and maybe get a second cockatiel!

Cockatiels are extremely social animals who thrive in packs – and that works the same for their owners! They love to spend time with humans, so make some room of your day to pet them, put them on your shoulder, have activities together and have fun.

If you spend too much time outside your home, it’s a good idea to offer them a fellow cockatiel, which can reduce their need for attention. The female is always the one who chooses her partner, so offer options that makes both feel comfortable.

5. Don’t overlook their mental health

You’ve definitely seen videos of cockatiel singing happy, playing basketball or practically any other unusual activities. That’s because teaching them tricks is actually a great way to improve their mental health!

There are several videos online teaching how to train a cockatiel, and they not only involve their cognitive enrichment but improve their socialisation which they really need. Also, you will definitely have a blast teaching them!


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