How to choose the best dog groomers near me

How to choose the best dog groomers near me

Getting my furry friend the best pet grooming near me doesn’t sound like a difficult task, does it? However, italso isn’t the kind of job I want to entrust to just anybody.

There is a lot to consider when choosing a groomer. What precautions are taken with sharp and potentially dangerous objects like scissors and electric nail clippers? Is your pet crated or left in a common area with other dogs? What products do they use and could it potentially irritate my dog? You aren’t going to entrust just anybody with grooming your pet, are you?

To make this easier for you, here are some tips to choose the best pet groomers near me.



Ask your friends and family to give you recommendations. You can also use certain tools to search online with many customers leaving ratings.

Once a dog leaves a groomers clinic, they are a walking advertisement. Talk to your kennel manager,your veterinarian, your neighbor or even familiar faces in the dog park you and your dog frequent. If you happen to see a dog on the street groomed with a style you would like for your pet, stop their owner and ask where they had their dog groomed. You will be surprised at how willing people are to share this type of information.

 Contact the Groomer

So, you now have the contacts for a groomer or two. It’s now time to give them a call and ask some questions.Ask him/her as many questions as you need to. Remember that you will be entrusting them with your pet, so whatever you need to know to set your mind at ease is fine. Did they attend a grooming school or were they apprenticed by a professional groomer? How long have they been a groomer? Do they have experience with your particular breed? Are they a member of a professional grooming organisation? Are they properly licensed and certified to practice as a dog groomer?

Be patient

Most groomers usually have an extremely tight schedule. You might give them a call and find that they are too busy to answer your questions just then. Be patient and ask the groomer if they can call you back when they have ample time to answer your questions. See, it’s hard for a groomer to have a long conversation on the phone while clipping your dog’s nails. I always prefer pet groomers near me because in such cases, a trip to their clinic will be fast and easy. This way I get to have a feel of the place too.

What Happens During Emergencies?

We always hope we won’t need to think about emergencies, but the fact is that we do. What you want is an environment where incase anything happens, your furry friend will be safe. What you need to also know about your groomer is if they have any basic medical and first aid training and experience. Is the salon fitted with a first aid kit? Is it easily accessible? Is there a staff member familiar with first aid present at all times? Is there an emergency or disaster plan in place? In the event of an evacuation, is there a plan in place on how they will communicate with you and let you know where your dog is located? It would be sad and heartbreaking if anything were to happen to your dog when at the groomers. Sadly, this is information you want to have just incase it gets to that point.

What’s the Cost?

We all want what’s best for our dogs, right? That’s why cost shouldn’t be your main concern. That said, you still want to ask about the cost implications upfront to avoid any surprises later on. A professional groomer should be able to quote a rate upfront. This ideally would be after they have seen your dog and put into consideration its weight, size and breed. Some breeds have more fur and that coat type usually requires much more work.

Another cost implication would arise if your dog has certain conditions. If your dog has any medical condition, allergies or skin conditions that require extra care, always let your pet groomer know. It will probably cost more because such pets use specific products.

Are Other Services Provided?

When I take my dog to a pet groomer near me, I make it a habit to take advantage of all other services they have to offer. I don’t mind cleaning my dog’s ears, but let’s face it. If they had an infection, a professional groomer would be in a better position to recognise it. They would also bring any other issues to your attention such as tooth decay, skin infections and allergic reactions to products used.

There are dogs that need very minimal grooming. Then there are those with long, dense coats and require more frequent attention. Whichever side of the scale your beloved dog falls under, grooming should and must be part of their routine care. That’s why for me, choosing the best groomer near me is very important.

A highly skilled, professional groomer will partner with you in keeping your furry friend feeling and looking great always.

Go With Your Gut

Once you have completed your research it’s always a good idea to visit the pet groomer near me with my dog. They will be sure to let you know of their comfort level in the salon and with the groomer.


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