5 Fun Pet Questions For Dog Parents

5 Fun Pet Questions For Dog Parents

Dogs bring unmatched joy to our lives. They give us companionship and pure, unconditional love and loyalty. They can also be mischievous, destructive and naughty. Even so, every dog parent will agree that their life is better with their fur baby in it.

But do we know everything there is to know about our dogs and their behaviour? Are there some questions you’ve always wanted to know the answers to?

We’ve got you covered. Here are some fun pet questions for dog parents. 

1. Do Dogs Enjoy When You Kiss Them?

We all love showering our fur babies with kisses every chance we get. When you kiss your pooch, you may notice that they register this as a gesture of your affection. 

As puppies, though, they will feel you doing it but may not yet understand it. However, as they grow older, they learn to associate your cuddles and kisses with positive emotions towards them. Eventually, they realise that kisses are a good sign. They also learn to mirror your affection when you kiss them by jumping up and trying to lick you or run around wagging their tail in excitement.

Of course, all dogs have their own unique way of responding to cuddles and kisses, but their body language will definitely indicate that they enjoy it.  


2. Why Do Dogs Love Rolling In Poop?

This is a fun pet question to ask a dog parent mainly because most of them can relate to it. 

Dogs tend to roll in poop and other pungent smells. Trouble is, you and your dog have contrasting views on what smells good and what doesn’t.

Sometimes, after giving your dog a bath so that she looks and smells lovely, she runs right outside and rolls in poop. Pretty disappointing for us humans because the smell is repugnant to us, but delightful to our fur babies.

But Why Do They Do This?

Here are a few possible explanations:

They Love The Scent

You see, dogs live through their noses and pungent scents prompt rolling behaviour. Think of it as “scent heaven”, much like when cats are exposed to catnip. Similarly, when dogs come across what they consider to be an attractive odour, they roll to rub their shoulders, neck and back into it. 


There is an evolutionary explanation why dogs like rolling in poop. Just like their predecessors, dogs do this to mask their own scent. This camouflage made it easier for their ancestors to hunt their prey. 

To Mark Their Territory

You may have noticed your dog marking their territory by urinating on it. Rolling in poop is their way of overriding another animal’s scent and leaving behind theirs as a warning.


Every pet parent knows that bored adult dogs and puppies will keep themselves entertained by chewing and digging. 

If your dog is rolling in poop, chances are that they need more attention or exercise. 


3. Why Do Dogs Chew Shoes?

Dog parents often wonder why dogs chew their shoes even when there are plenty of chew toys in sight. Mostly, our fur babies do this out of a love and interest in our personal smell. 

It can sometimes be a gentle push, sniff or bite. Sometimes, however, your dog might bite off chunks, rendering the shoes completely unwearable.

But it’s such a drag when you have to throw out your favourite shoes after they’ve been rendered unwearable!

Some reasons why your dog may be doing this include:

Stress And Anxiety

Every pet parent knows that chewing is normal dog behaviour. In both humans and animals, chewing prevents or alleviates stress and anxiety. That’s because just like doing something they love, like taking a walk in the park or going for a run with you, chewing makes dogs release dopamine. 

If your pooch takes on the destructive kind of chewing, look for accompanying stress behaviour like decreased appetite, excessive licking, isolation, increased sleep, digestive distress, bathroom accidents, excessive barking or shaking. 

If you see these signs in your dog, talk to your vet about what action to take. 


It’s also exciting for dogs to smell our shoes because they can literally smell each and every place you have been to.  We inadvertently come home with different smells and our fur babies can sometimes get a little carried away while sniffing them.

Furthermore, let’s not forget that dogs are naturally inquisitive and therefore find the different textures our shoes are made of to be quite fun.  Some are particularly fond of leather, so you might want to keep those out of reach.  


Just like babies, puppies will similarly need something to chew on when they are teething. Unfortunately for us, shoes come in handy for this purpose.


Truth be told, most of our homes have shoes lying around, making them easily accessible to our fur babies. They are often by the bedside, the door and even in the living room. 

It’s no wonder our dogs sometimes turn them into their personal toys! 


4. Why Do Dogs Bury Things?

Years ago dogs hunted for food in packs. When the hunt went well and there was a surplus of meat, they had to hide it so other animals wouldn’t smell it. Their solution? They buried the food.

But our pet’s need not worry about going hungry. So why do they bury things? This yet another fun pet question to ask a dog parent.

Sure, your doggo never has to worry about food. They know that, too. That, however, does not remove their natural instinct to bury things.

Sometimes your dog will bury food and toys simply because there’s a surplus or because they’d like to enjoy them later on.

Your fur baby might also be lonely or bored and wants to catch your attention. This can make them bury objects you value or frequently use in a bid to get you to play with them. 


5. Why Do Dogs Sniff Butts?

Each dog’s rear end has a unique odour which is a type of unique canine identification. That’s why they use butt-sniffing as a way of greeting while they obtain important information from anal secretions. 

They can tell if they’ve met the other dog before, if they’ll be aggressive or even if they have any health issues or are feeling unwell. 

Butt sniffing between dogs also helps establish whom among them is dominant, thus setting the foundation of their relationship. The dominant dog usually initiates the sniffing and may end the session with a growl. The submissive dog will quietly wait for their turn. 

When separated, dogs from the same family use butt sniffing to catch up. The odour omitted can convey where the dog has been, what diet they consumed, and what they did.

In addition, sniffing is a calming mechanism. It relieves stress and soothes our fur babies. Isn’t that weird? Then again, dogs are full of surprises.


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