Field Day Shampoo (Reviewed by Real Pet Parents)

Field Day Shampoo (Reviewed by Real Pet Parents)

Even the best-behaved dogs love to get dirty. And who can blame them? I mean how much furry fun must it be to roll around in a giant puddle of cool mud?

Of course, it’s us pet parents that are left with the fun job of cleaning up the mess! And, whether it’s to get rid of mud, manure, or stinky seaweed, we rely on doggy shampoo.

But, with so many pet shampoos on the market, finding one that best suits our needs and our dog’s skin and coat, can be a challenge.

Recently, we invited pet parents to try Field Day’s Sparkle and Shine Soothing & Conditioning Shampoo.

With its special blend of hemp seed oil, beta glucan, and probiotics, it’s designed to nourish and protect the skin and coat.

Not only is it intended to cleanse dogs’ fur and skin, but also leave the coat super shiny and fabulous!

It promises to be ‘easy to apply’, ‘a breeze to rinse out’, and ‘gentle enough for sensitive skin’.

Sounds pretty good, right? Time to put it to the test and find out what real pet parents think about Field Day Sparkle and Shine Shampoo.

Let bath time fun begin!

Field Day shampoo review, dog in bath
Porterhouse in his awesome boat bath 🙂


We Put Field Day Sparkle & Shine Shampoo to the Test

To test Field Day Shampoo for ourselves we recruited 10 awesome pet parents and asked them to try out the Soothing & Conditioning Shampoo on their fur pals. Here’s what they had to say.

“It didn’t lather up as much as other brands I’ve used, so I had to use more of it to get through my dog’s coat. However, it did a great job of cleaning. I usually shampoo twice but after just one shampoo he felt clean. His coat was shiny and also felt nice and soft afterwards, which is great without having to add a conditioner on top.” — Shelley, pet parent to Porterhouse (pictured above)

“The smell was very nice, and it left my dog’s hair exceptionally soft and fluffy. It was easy to wash out and I am happy with the results. The only negative was that because it did not lather very much, I ended up using more shampoo that I would normally.” — Grace, pet parent to Rafa

“Despite the fact it didn’t lather a lot, the results were good. Chewie’s fur smelled and felt clean. Even my friends commented on how fluffy and soft he felt!” — Lee, pet parent to Chewie

“I found the shampoo easy to lather onto the fur and easy to rinse out. There was no post-wash residue, and it left my dogs fur feeling soft and hydrated. Although I didn’t notice any extra shine, the fur certainly looked and smelt fresh and deeply cleaned.” — Imogen, pet parent to Alfie

Border terrier, bath time, Field Day Shampoo
Chewie before (left) and after (right)


The Pros and Cons

Tallying up the pros and cons is a useful way to decide whether a product is worth trying.

The pros, according to our pet parents

  • Makes coat really soft
  • Fur is left feeling cleansed
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Nice fresh scent, not too strong
  • Easy to wash out, with no residue
  • Easy-to-dispense pump bottle

The cons, according to our pet parents

  • Low lather
  • Need to use more product
Buddy with Field Day Shampoo
Buddy getting ready for bath time!

“I rate this product highly; my dog’s coat is still shiny and looking fresh two days after washing her.” — Amanda, pet parent to Ruby

“The shampoo lived up to its promise by leaving my dog’s coat feeling soft and conditioned with just a single product.” — Shelley, pet parent to Porterhouse

“The lack of lathering made it difficult to wash Sasha, as she is short haired. She also has sensitive skin but there was no redness of flare ups afterwards.” — Narelle, pet parent to Sasha

“It produced a fairly low lather, but that’s to be expected with a natural shampoo. I used around 6 pumps to get minimal lather on my 10kg poodle. Post-wash her coat was very soft, and she wasn’t itchy, so I feel like the product delivered on its promise.” — Victoria, pet parent to Suki


The Verdict on Field Day Sparkle & Shine Conditioning Shampoo

9 out of 10 of our pet parents said they would recommend Field Day Pet Shampoo to other pet parents.

Overall, Field Day Sparkle & Shine Conditioning Shampoo received 3.5/5 stars from our Pets Forever Trial Team reviewers.

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Priced from $29.95 (500ml), Field Day Soothing & Conditioning Shampoo is available from Field Day and leading pet stores.

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