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Helen Black Photography

Helen Black Photography

Lover of photography, dogs, and all things fun.

I’m a pretty easy going but often excitable person. I enjoy being outdoors, traveling the world, dabbling in many sports... all while constantly gravitating towards the nearest dog to greet!

It has always been my mission to pursue a career in the art world, to create something beautiful and meaningful. As a dog photographer, I feel I get to do just that. For me, every dog is inspiring to capture, with their unique beauty, natural expressions, and the unbreakable bond they share with their humans.

I have a degree in textile design which has hugely influenced my photography style, the way I use colour and texture, and my conceptual way of thinking.

During my twelve years in the photography industry, I have been privileged to work alongside many talented photographers and mentors in some of the most successful studios in the world. Today I am incredibly lucky to be photographing dogs for the people who love them, a growing area of photography that I have found to be important and meaningful to me.

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