Breeders and Veterinarians: Improve your business with DNA testing!

Breeders and Veterinarians: Improve your business with DNA testing!

Currently, the search for pets with a healthy genetic background has been growing constantly among animal breeders and veterinarians. In order to obtain an accurate and trustworthy genetic evaluation, it is important to highlight that the value of a genetic code amongst the reproducers depends directly upon precise data about their genealogy in order to assure the success of the testing.

DNA tests for animals allow professionals to work with up to 99,9% accuracy in exclusion of false parenthood, with the same amount of accuracy even when the verifications involve animals with high degrees of genetic similarities. The process is extremely safe, simple and efficient. All results are digitalized, with the results automatically transferred to a databank, where they take part in a permanent filing of the animal’s record. Through that method, animals that go through DNA testing can be used in the future as a reference for their progeny, without the need for more tests.

Animals with a higher status 

When a breeder or veterinarian is able to declare, in a sale contract, that the identity and pedigree of the animal possesses scientific validity proved by a high-quality DNA analysis, their animals will retain a much higher value by the purchaser. That way, they can also request that the genome of your animal show as individualised information for the pet. Breeders who regularly possess tests of their breeds can, consequently, expect satisfactory results for their business and great satisfaction of their clients by maintaining such a thorough database and biological history of their animals.

The DNA tests also give organisations and specialists a digital tool to protect and allow the discernment of premium breeds: Exposition organisers can periodically check the animal’s ID as soon as they win points that lead them to become competition champions.

What DNA testing can do for your animals

1. Certifies the integrity of the genetic registration.

2. Assures great reputation to the breeders and veterinarians.

3. Identifies history of genetic diseases and conditions.

4. Genetic trial to traits and features of interest to the breeders.

5. Bloodline evaluation.

6. Promotes better and healthier animals.

Where to get it

If you’re a breeder or veterinarian in Australia then Orivet – Genetic Pet Care is the most popular option for simple and thorough DNA testing. They provide several personalised services tailored to the specific needs of each client. Our readers have argued that it’s the fastest and simplest way to genetically test their animals, so it’s definitely worth checking them out!


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