Beau’s Biscuits: The Pawfect Treat

Beau’s Biscuits: The Pawfect Treat

There’s no denying all doggos love a yummy treat now and again. And, as pet parents, we want to give our dogs the very best, right?

So, how many times have you thought about making your own doggie treats—but then never got around to it?

How many times have you picked up dog treats from a supermarket shelf, looked at the ingredients and decided to return them to the shelf?

Or maybe your fur pal suffers from allergies, and you’re worried that store-bought treats will cause a flare up.

These are all common occurrences.

We’ll let you into a secret; they are also some of the reasons why Beau’s Biscuits was born.

Sarah Morrissey, co-owner of Beau’s Biscuits, explains, “My friend, Mel, is a real foodie. Her dog suffered from skin allergies and was told to try grain free. Mel would bake and cook a lot for her pup, she could do it easily. Having run cafes and catering businesses for many years, she had a great knowledge of grain free, healthy cooking.

But it led me to wonder what I, as a non-foodie person, would do in the same scenario. Suddenly, the idea of creating grain-free dog biscuit baking mixes came about.”

Beau's biscuits DIY mix

Treats Made with Love (and good ingredients)

Beau’s Biscuits is named after Sarah’s dog, Beau, who passed away from cancer unexpectedly in early 2021.  Now Sarah and her dog-loving husband, Luke, along with their foodie friends and dog lovers, Mel, and husband Colin, all run the business together.

“We set out creating great quality, zero-crap biscuit mixes that dog parents can bake themselves. You can use our DIY recipes just by adding egg and water. Or you can adjust the biscuits to your dog’s favourite tastes by adding peanut butter, banana, blueberries, salmon, apple, meats, broths, stocks and so on.

“Our vision is to put the power back into dog parents’ hands. We provide the tools to easily bake healthy, all natural treats for their dogs at home. No need to worry about what ingredients are safe to use, just follow any one of our growing number of recipes.

“Our biscuit mixes have no more than 4 or 5 ingredients. It also works out very cost effectively for dog parents, or ‘barkers’, as we like to call ourselves, making over 100 biscuits from a 1kg mix equates to approximately 25 cents a biscuit.

“So many customers tell me that their pups start to drool as soon as they start baking!

“Baking for my family has always been a way I show love! And, although I have always been a packet mix person, I enjoy baking up cakes and muffins for the kids. It’s great that now we can also extend that love to our four-legged friends.

Put a Smile on your Doggos Dial

“Our ‘dem Bones biscuit mix is our most popular mix—only just though, as all our mixes do sell well! Doggos seem to really love the combination of Ceylon Cinnamon and Turmeric in the ‘dem Bones mix and pawrents love the simplicity of quickly and easily baking up a batch of fresh biscuits. They keep fresh on the bench for a week, or they can be batch baked and frozen for when you want them.

“Our Barkday cake mix (pictured below) is also gaining popularity for doggos’ special day!”

dog birthday cake

Every Mix Counts

Since launch, Beau’s Biscuits has sold more than 3,000 mixes, but what Sarah (pictured below) and the team are most proud of is the donations they have been able to make to dog charities including Pets of the Homeless, Bull Arab Rescue, Variety Petember, and Hear No Evil Dog Rescue amongst others.

“The $1 from every sale we donate to charity is not a marketing tactic, it’s an arm of the business we want to really grow so we can make a huge impact! In 2023 we are looking to partner with some major charities and are excited to be working on a large-scale national fundraiser,” says Sarah.

Sarah morrisey beau's biscuits owner

Beau’s Biscuits has just moved into its own retail space. The brand has also been picked up by DashMart—the retail arm of DoorDash. Currently operating in the Sydney suburb Alexandria, Melbourne City, and Brisbane, Beau’s Biscuits mixes can be delivered by DoorDash to local pet parents within 15-minutes of ordering.


Why not show your pooch how much you love them and get your bake on. Head over to Beau’s Biscuits.



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