5 Tips to Control Smelly Cat Litter

5 Tips to Control Smelly Cat Litter

Sure, cats are clean animals, but their kitty litter trays…well, that’s another story. The battle of the smelly kitty litter does seem endless, and that unmistakable scent of cat urine can be unhealthy for you to breathe in every day. But don’t throw in the towel just yet. Our feline-loving friends at PetSafe Australia (the clever folk behind the ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box) have five easy tips designed to help you keep that icky smell at bay, and win the war against smelly cat litter! Hurray!

5 Tips to See an End to Stinky Cat Litter

Of course, you love your meowing mate, but what about his or her stinky kitty litter? I’m guessing you don’t love that so much. Well hey, you’re not alone. Most cat parents detest the stench of dirty kitty litter but many don’t know what to do to control the odour. Well, now you can relax (and breathe in without feeling sick!), as we’ve got five top tips to help control smelly cat litter. Yesss!

ScoopFree self cleaning litter box

1. Keep the Litter in a Well-Ventilated Spot

Where you place your litter box will play a massive role in how much you smell it. Make sure you choose a well-ventilated area with an open door or window.

 2. Use Odor Control Litter

Selecting quality litter that is good for your cat and the environment is a must. Crystal litters offer just that, as well as the added benefit of controlling odors and being dust-free.

3. Scoop the Litter Box Daily

This is a no-brainer, right! The more often you scoop out the box, the less time the cat’s urine has to sit and stink up your house.

4. One Cat Per Tray

Kitty won’t be that keen on sharing the toilet. If you have more than one cat, then invest in another kitty tray. One cat per tray is the rule of thumb. Supplying each cat with its own tray will reduce the concentration of cat waste in one box with less urine and faces left in one spot to dry out. It will also reduce Kitty using your bathroom rug as a toilet when the tray is too full.

5. Invest in a Quality Litter Tray

Cheap litter tray options can become hard to manage, stinky, and ultimately useless. Investing in a quality litter box. Honestly, it’ll pay off in the long run. A self-cleaning option can be an absolute game-changer for your household. The ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box (for example) will go the extra mile by automatically sweeping solid waste into a covered compartment each time your cat goes. And with leakproof, disposable crystal litter trays, you don’t have to worry about scooping, scraping or scrubbing. Just toss the old tray (and any odor it carries) into the trash and replace it with a fresh one every few weeks. When it comes to litter box odor control, a self-cleaning litter box can’t be beaten!


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