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Looking after your pet should be fun. But with millions of products on the market, choosing the wrong pet food, accessories, toys or treats can be costly. It can even steal your furry friend’s happiness.

What if you could try a whole bunch of products and clue up on genuine pet product reviews from other owners? Oh my, wouldn’t that make finding the right products for your pet easier?

PetsForever invites you to do just that. Join our trial team and you’ll get to road-test pet products (with the help of your barking buddy or feline friend, of course!) from reputable brands and share your honest thoughts. Heck, not only can you enjoy the excitement of receiving a delivery direct to your door (woo hoo!), but it’ll make deciding which product deserves your hard-earned bucks so much clearer.

Forget wasting money on products your pet doesn’t like, which, typically, end up collecting dust in the back of the cupboard!

Gifts Galore For Your Fur Babies

We Aussies love our pets, and what better way to show our love than by spoiling them? PetsForever makes treating your dog or cat simple, thanks to our ‘Pet Giveaways’.

We’ve teamed up with the best brands in the biz to give you access to a wide range of pet products. With new giveaways going live every month (plus a few sneaky ones in between), there’re plenty of chances to win. Believe us, this is one page you’re gonna want to bookmark!

The awesome thing about our giveaways is that you get to know and win (if you’re lucky!) loads of different products. It’s an amazing way to check out pet brands you may not have known about or previously tried. Plus, who doesn’t love being a “winner”!

Once you’ve received your prize, you can even head over to our Products page or tag us on Instagram to share your honest review. What a great way to help other pet parents make smart purchasing decisions. Sharing equals caring 🙂

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PetsForever began as a digital memorial service, to preserve the legacy of pets. Since then, the platform has evolved into a social hub for pet lovers, where pet experts, animal organisations, educational services, and our ethical partners can all come together to help our Australian pet lovers become the best pet parents.

All it takes is a quick login via your Facebook or Google profile, and with the PetsForever app, you’ll gain the power and flexibility to post any topics you’re passionate about. All our members want to ensure that our fur babies live the best life possible. We are here to support each other. The possibilities are limitless. PetsForever makes it easy to become connected to other pet parents, vet nurses, photographers, journalists, exotic animal vets, dog trainers, and more.

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